For many athletes, winter is almost synonymous with skiing holidays. Adventurers prefer to spend the most precious time of the year on challenging slopes – the steeper the better. Meanwhile, families prefer to go on leisurely cross-country skiing tours. Whether you want to practice winter sports on the funline or on the cross-country track depends on your taste and individual level of fitness. In any case, after the fun in the snow ends, all athletes are well accommodated in the GRIMMINGlofts .

Located in the midst of the ski areas and all winter leisure activities, you can start any snow action from your design loft. A homely feel-good atmosphere in an aesthetic living environment is just as much a part of winter for discerning holidaymakers as is a fairytale snow-covered mountain landscape.

Snowboard or snowshoe?

Winter holidays in the GRIMMINGlofts offer the family all the activities that can be done in the snow. While dad sets off on his snowboard towards the fun park, mom and the kids strap on their snowshoes and go on a hike through the winter wonderland.

Sporting challenges on skis

The athletic and ambitious skiers, wanting to go at high speed, will be particularly tempted by the extreme gradient on the steep slope. For them, risky maneuvers are part of an attractive racetrack. The GRIMMINGlofts also offer these demanding winter sports enthusiasts a design-framed retreat where they can recharge their batteries for new peek performances. In their own loft sauna, adventurous skiers relax their muscles for the next descent on the extreme slopes.

Austria is known for its varied ski areas, which offer attractive options for every winter sports enthusiast. Around the GRIMMINGlofts , glittering snowy landscapes open up, which have everything to offer that the heart of the winter sports enthusiast desires.