Stressful city dwellers who want to escape the hustle and bustle of their demanding job will find the perfect distraction in cross-country skiing. Because the white blanket of snow over the landscape radiates a unique calm, there is hardly anything more relaxing than wide, glittering snow surfaces.

The only noise when cross-country skiing is the crunching snow beneath your runners. Flanked by this calming crackle, you glide through the fairytale white winter landscape. Cross-country skiers cannot imagine a more contemplative activity.

Quiet aesthetics in a winter wonderland

Vacationers in need of rest will appreciate the quiet aesthetics of the snow-covered mountain landscapes in their GRIMMINGlofts . Subtle design, the beauty of which is reflected in the harmonious overall concept, completes the loft-luxury of this accommodation. Aesthetic interior design is paired with spectacular views of the wintry mountain scenery. In this ambience you can find inner peace and serenity.

Dedicate precious vacation time to relaxation

If you are looking for an island of tranquility on holiday, the GRIMMINGlofts are the right place for you. In an appealing design atmosphere, one likes to linger far away from the turmoil of après-ski in the evenings. Fortunately, all leisure activities are still available in the immediate vicinity.

Whether you come as a couple, in a group or with the whole family - cross-country skiing in the mountains of Austria is a balancing holiday experience with lots of fun in the snow. Some like it to be an exercise, others prefer more comfortable tours. With friends or all by yourself – cross-country skiing offers you the time-out you are in need for.

Start your individual cross-country tour from your GRIMMINGlofts and treat yourself to the time-out you need.