Active vacationers love to spend their precious time off on the water. While a family with kids likes to enjoy the beach, the adventurer prefers to feel the wind in the sails. Surrounded by an impressive mountain backdrop, sailing or surfing quickly turn into an incredibly special sporting experience.

Everyone gets their money's worth on their trip to the mountains. While the little kids go for a swim with their mom, their dad can go for an exhilarating water ski tour. The teenagers can take a stand-up paddling course instead. The most luxurious aspect of your holiday in the GRIMMINGlofts: is that everyone can realize their own ideas of precious time individually. In the evening everyone comes together in the aesthetic atmosphere of the design loft to share their day's experiences.

Family outing or water adventure

Whether the whole family goes on a canoe trip together or everyone does their own holiday thing: There is always something to do on the water. Ambitious athletes as well as water romantics will find a suitable offer here. While the couple in love can go on a leisurely rowing tour, the surf crack lets himself be swept nimbly across the water by the wind.

At the end of the day, everyone spends their precious vacation time together in the design atmosphere of their loft. Time is the greatest gift we want to enjoy when on vacation. It can be even more appreciated in a luxurious atmosphere. The GRIMMINGlofts provide the perfect setting for your most precious hours and give you the feeling of intensely lived pampering time.

The next morning the GRIMMINGlofts once again marks the starting point for a new adventure.